Stop searching and start finding

Shelly unifies calendar, email, documents and more in one simple view.
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More information on the Shelly beta can be found here.
Most modern workers have 5 to 9 apps open at any one time. And 90% of people at work cannot find what they are looking for in one app, so they spend up to 20% of their working time just searching.
What a waste!
Why is that?
Productivity apps are disconnected and consolidating information is a manual process – slow, erroneous and costly.
We call this "The Productivity App Paradox".
Here comes Shelly
Shelly is an open hub which integrates with your existing productivity apps and provides a unified and personalised view of what is truly important.
All vendors and apps
All platforms
All devices
Leverages AI and machine learning to organise content
Super-easy and highly intuitive user experience
Shelly, the smart activity hub for business professionals.
Why Shelly
What if you had everything you need to know about a project, product or client at your fingertips? Every email, meeting, note, document or other trace of what is going on?
Come and meet Shelly.
Multiple accounts
Sign in with one or several Google or Microsoft accounts. Switch between accounts without having to log in again and again. Or see all of your accounts at the same time.
Link your favourite apps
Connect with the productivity apps you use most. Many apps are integrated now, more will come soon. Find the current list here.
One single view
See entries from all of your apps in the most natural way, on a single timeline.
Notes app built in
Capture your thoughts and add meeting notes or notes for any other timeline entry. Share your notes with others so everybody is on the same page.
Stop searching, start finding
The powerful search and filter functions let you find what you are looking for in no time.
Access Beta for free
Signing up is simple. If you do have a Google or Microsoft account you can access Shelly. Just click the button above, log into Shelly and we will register you on our beta user list.
"Shelly saves me a lot of time when I need to get ready for an upcoming meeting. With the powerful search I have instant visibility on all of my notes and other information for this topic."
David, Project Manager - Sydney, Australia

"I'm using Shelly for revision and essay plans for university. I am impressed by Shelly’s simplicity, ease of use and aesthetics."
Nicola, University Student - Oxford, UK
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